Opentime, a customer story by Pramex

We were trying to boost the profitability of our projects when we found Opentime. It proved flexible for our 11 subsidaries worldwide, feature-complete for all our business cases and really inventive.”

→ Frank Carosi, Chief Information Officer at Pramex International

A little overview?

Overview of Opentime's interface

They are also using Opentime:

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  • Conforama, Opentime customer
  • EQR Conseil social et santé, Opentime customer
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Web-based time management app

Timesheet input

An interfaced tailored to you needs

Don't waste your time adapting yourself to a complicated application! Within Opentime you can pick and choose the most suitable interface for your work.

Invoicing followup

Dodge hours not billed

Opentime can avoid free work! Before you forget billable hours or go over budget on customers's work, it'll show you regular reminders.

Projects overview

Your company's data in the twinkle of an eye

With Opentime, you can visualize your activities in many ways. For example, take a quick overview of all projects and/or get a detailed reporting on a particular work.

Tracking time is winning some more

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