Opentime's little story

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A little story about Opentime

« When I created Opentime, I simply made the one tool I wished I had when I got my first job back as a web developper back in 1999! Back then, we were told to fill our timesheet... on a piece of paper..

A great big waste of time: not only did I have to write everything down, cross some lines out if I'd make some mistakes and put the piece of paper in some folder. And then the office manager would take all the pieces of paper and put everything within one big Excel spreadsheet.

When I did create my own company in 2004 - No Parking, I started by making my own little web application for time tracking, it'd be useful for myself first of all and the first employee wouldn't have to fill another paper form. It wasn't planned to sell it outside!

But my accountant saw it once and decided it was largely enough for some of his own customers, and Opentime started spreading around. Since then, more than 80 companies & charities use it everyday and we're both glad and happy to make it better everyday! »

picture of Perrick Penet, Opentime creator

Perrick Penet,
No Parking CEO
and Opentime's creator