Add value to work time

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Simplified input for working time

With Opentime, you get a secured and universal web access : in one click, you can reach all you team's data.

Don't waste you time adapting yourself to some inadequate tool with cumbersome vocabulary. Opentime will conform itself to your organisation: between all the possible interfaces, choose whichever works best!

From the most simple (just customer & project) to the most complex (with other parameters like type of work, zip code, comments, job, etc.), we do have the interface corresponding to the input details you need.

Also, expenses and holidays can be inserted automatically within your timesheet. No need to switch between softwares: everything is centralized inside Opentime.

Finally, with Opentime, you don't need to speak two languages: one within your company, the other inside the application... Opentime uses your words votre vocabulaire: a little booster to spreading usage and making it accessible to everyone in your team!