Choosing a time tracking interface

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Choosing an interface

Opentime is a flexible and user-friendly tool: it can be tailored to fit your needs. What type of input do your want?

  • Dynamic weekly time acquisition

    The standard input type contains a dropdown with all your customers and projects: after each input, a new line is added to the timesheet.

  • Static weekly time acquisition

    Nearly the same: the one difference being that all customers & projects are shown directly. It can be very useful when the number of active projects remains small.

  • Weekly time acquisition with 'hourlink'

    You need to add more details, beyond "time spent", "customer" and "project"? you can choose the interface with a column per day...

  • Daily time acquisition in column

    ...or the interface with a column for the entire week.

  • Daily time acquisition with timer

    Wished you could just use a "start" and a "stop" button? The timer interface is for you!

  • Monthly time acquisition

    Finally, if a week it too short for you, you can get a monthly interface for Opentime!